Term Dates 2020

Canteen Menu 2020

Term 1

Thurs 30th Jan - Friday 9th April

Term 2

Tuesday 28th April - Friday 3rd July

Term 3

Monday 20th July - Friday 25th Sept

Term 4

Monday 12th Oct - Friday 11th December

School lunches are supplied by the Dargaville High School Canteen.  Students need to complete a  lunch order form and pay for their lunch at the student counter before the 8:45 bell. Then the lunches will be delivered to the classrooms at lunchtime.


Students are placed in classes after considering information received from contributing schools, the results of some testing and other relevant data. Classes are composite Year 7 & 8  and if appropriate students may have the same class teacher for the two years.



Plant stall

Plant stall



Grace Christey

Grace Christey







File_006 (2)

File_006 (2)


School Hours

8:45 - School Starts (Roll call, Daily Notices)

8:55 - Block One

10:30 - Morning Interval

10:55 - Block Two

12:25 - Lunchtime

1:20 - Block Three

2:50 - Home Room

3:00 - End of School Day

DIS 2020 Homework Site

Welcome to the DIS homework page. Your child will receive homework from their teacher every Monday. They will be able to use this site to access and show you any activities they are currently working on. Unless they have been told otherwise they will be doing all the work in their homework book.

Having the work online helps our school reduce the amount of paper and photocopying we are currently using.


If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to ask your classroom teacher.

School Uniform



All uniform items can be purchased at the school. 
There may be a limited stock of secondhand uniforms available at the beginning of the year. 
NB:  The shorts and optional, long black pants must be the regulation ones: Shorts can be purchased through our school and  J
on Matich Surfwear, has

the long black pants. 

Girls & Boys 
* Regulation black shorts or optional long black pants 
* Polo shirts with DIS design and logo
* Black socks 
* DIS Hoodie
* Black leather lace-up school shoes in winter
* Black or brown Roman sandals (sneakers not accepted)* Black, white or blue hair ties
* PE – plain black shorts, DIS PE T-shirt.
* DIS Beanie Term 2 & 3
* DIS Caps Term 1 & 4 

PE T-Shirts 
These can be purchased at the school office from the beginning of the year.  They are $15.00 each and are in the 4 House colours.

NB:  Sneakers are not acceptable footwear – plain black leather shoes only



All uniforms must be named
* Plain navy or black raincoat.  (No other colour allowed.  This is an             
  EXTRA garment NOT an alternative)
* One gold or silver stud per ear may be worn in the ear.  (No other body piercings are permitted)
* No jewellery or adornments, i.e. necklaces, leathers, chains, rings,  bone carvings.
*Alternative jackets, coats or such extras are not permitted to be worn  at any time with school uniform, as sufficient options are available
for warmth, i.e. you leave home in full, correct uniform and you  return home similarly.
* Uniform to be worn correctly.
* Cosmetics not acceptable with school uniform.
* Colourless nail polish only may be worn.
* Regulation school caps Terms 1 & 4. 
* Regulation school beanie Terms 2 & 3

Reporting to Parents


You will be informed of your child’s progress and achievements throughout the year.

Interviews will be held during term one to give you the opportunity to meet your child’s teacher and to discuss the student’s goals for the year.  Your child is an important part of this interview and we encourage all students to attend these interviews with their parents.  It is an opportunity for the child’s voice to be heard.

Mid year reporting to parents includes discussion around the student portfolio. These portfolios contain assessment information on curriculum that has been covered in the first half of the year.

At the end of the school year the student portfolios will go home again and there will be an opportunity for parent/teacher/student interviews if requested.  These portfolios also contain written reports which provide overall teacher judgements about your child's progress in Reading, Writing and Maths using the National Standards.

All assessment information gives an honest appraisal of your child’s progress and achievements.

Apart from formal reporting dates, staff may also contact parents throughout the year to share any concerns about achievement or behaviour and to celebrate successes.